Harnessing the immune system to achieve deep and durable clinical responses in cancer

Leveraging our geographically precise solutions (GPS) platform, we are building a pipeline of tumor-activated cytokine and checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapies to treat cancer. Our goal is to overcome the limitations of current immuno-oncology therapies by developing products with an improved efficacy-to-toxicity ratio, or therapeutic index.

We selected molecules that have prior clinical validation demonstrating therapeutic benefit, but are limited by significant toxicities that may be addressed with our approach. Our molecules are engineered to localize activity within the tumor microenvironment without systemic effect, resulting in the potential to achieve enhanced anti-tumor activity.

Antibody Program


in combination with atezolizumab Tumor-activated anti-CTLA-4

Cytokine Programs


Tumor-activated IL-12


Tumor-activated IL-2βγ

Bispecific Program


Tumor-activated PD-1/IL2

Research Programs

Tumor-activated cell engagers